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Soya Lecithin

Kriti produces various varieties of fluid Soy Lecithin and customised Soy Lecithin as per need of different applications and clients. These brands are well accepted across categories including highly sensitive applications like infant formula.
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Texturized Soy Protein

Texturized Soy TVP / Chunks / Granules is manufactured using Kriti Defatted SoyFlour (Un-toasted). This backward integration helps us to have superior control over the raw material. Kriti Soy TVP / Chunks / Granules are subjected to stringent testing and analysis before they pass through metal detectors and are released to ensure that finest quality product is manufactured and packed.

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Kriti Super HyPro SBM ™

Kriti Super HyPro Soybean Meal(Defatted Toasted Soybean Meal)is manufactured from Indian NonGMO Soybeans. Highly rich in protein, it’s a very nutritive source for animal feed.

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Kriti Defatted SoyFlour/Grits/ Flakes (Toasted)

Kriti Defatted SoyFlour/Grits/Flakes (Toasted) enhances the protein value of the food. This unmatched
plant based portfolio adds nutritional and elusive texture to your finished food.

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Defatted SoyFlour/Grits/Flakes (UNTOASTED)

Kriti Defatted Soy Flour/Grits/Flakes (Un-toasted) is a functional/key food ingredient used in food& beverage, pharma, bakery, fortification industry to name few. It helps to maintain balance of essential amino acids in the body, are protein rich and hence help in muscle growth, connective tissue & enzymes
in our body.

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Full Fat Soya

Kriti has regularly introduced new wave of protein products and services with its focus on cutting edge technology and remained ahead of contemporary industry players. Apart from receiving appreciation for its products and services, leading customers have entered long term relationship based on trust and performance.
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Acid Oil & Fatty Acid

Our Oil has a clean and natural taste that helps to further retain or improve the natural flavors of the concerned products made at bakery.

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