Environment-social-governance (ESG) represents the heart of our business. This focus has been emphasized by the fact that the product needs to be used in food preparation, integral to human existence.


Our environment approach has been woven around the elements of Plan-Mitigate-Adapt-Resilience

strong internal controls: There is a growing commitment to environmental management systems, conduct environmental due diligence and build disaster planning and response systems across our manufacturing facility. The company deepened its investment in processes and systems, especially information technology (enhancing process integrity).

Resilience towards climate change: There is a commitment to reduce energy intensity, reduce greenhouse as emission intensity and graduate to cleaner processes and fuels

Reduce our impact on environment and nature: The company achieved zero waste to landfill and zero effluent discharge targets while moderating water consumption intensity

At Kriti Nutrients, we strengthened an audit-driven and compliance-driven approach, enhancing the credibility of our reported numbers and the strength of our processes.