kriti Super HyPro SBM

Super HyPro soybean meal (Defatted Toasted Soybean Meal) is manufactured from Indian non-GMO soybeans. Rich in protein and nutritious for animal feed. Cleaned and graded soya beans undergo cracking, de-hulling, flaking, extraction and desolventization to generate high protein soya bean meal .The end-results are then tested and analyzed before release.

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We offer an extensive range of soybean meal under its brand Super HyPro SBM which is then customized as per customer needs.

The key attributes of this product comprise the following.

  • Rich in protein (minimum 48- 50% protein level)
  • Low sand and silica content
  • High NSI content
  • High digestibility

Feed applications

  • Kriti Nutrients Poultry feed
  • Kriti Nutrients Aqua feed
  • Kriti Nutrients Cattle feed

For more details, please contact us.

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