Why Sunflower Oil is Great For Kids?

Whenever we talk about cooking oil or similar fats for our diet, we usually concentrate on the older members of the family. It is assumed that the cooking oil choice is critical for the health of seniors only; the juniors can eat as much oil and any type of fat they like – because they are just kids, right? Wrong! On two different accounts –

Firstly, because the rate of childhood obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions, especially in urban areas, India has the second-highest number of obese children in the world –  14.4 million. And with obesity comes other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and respiratory problems as well! The main reason is an imbalance between calorie intake and energy spent – clearly light and less fattening oils such as sunflower refined oil can help by reducing bad fats and cholesterol in your children’s bodies.

Secondly, because cooking oil is not just about keeping your heart healthy and your cholesterol low, as the main base ingredient of Indian cooking, it has an impact on many other areas of a child’s body and health. Hence, it is crucial to choose an oil that provides maximum benefits to overall health.

5 Reasons Why Sunflower Oil Is Great For Children

  • Low fat keeps them active and in their correct weight range

Sunflower refined oil is non-greasy and light on the stomach. Easily digested, this oil stops children from becoming lethargic and inactive during the day. With enough energy and reduction of bad trans fats and saturated fats, they automatically stay healthy in terms of weight gain.

  • Increases Immunity

Sunflower oil is chockful of Vitamin E, which is a well-known antioxidant. Using this oil in your children’s diet can help with improving their immunity and boost their overall health.

  • Perfect for Indian cooking

Sunflower oil has a high smoking point which makes it ideally suited for Indian cooking techniques such as deep-frying and tempering. Using oil that doesn’t have a high smoke point can burn the oil and release toxins, so it is best to stick to an oil that is built for high heat.

  • Reduces stress in kids

Sunflower oil has amino acid tryptophan which secretes melatonin and serotonin, the two hormones proven to calm kids, especially during bedtime. So if your child has trouble settling down for the night then switching to sunflower oil for food preparation could get him/her the rest he/she needs.

  • Great for hair and skin

Eating as well as applying sunflower oil on the skin and hair can be extremely beneficial. Sunflower oil contains oleic acid, which is excellent for hair growth and overall hair health. When applied topically on skin or hair, it also acts as a protective barrier against UV rays, dust and similar irritants. The vitamin E prevents and heals damage, and the oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties keep the skin healthy. We are sure we have given you much to think about! Remember, your choice of cooking oil should be made keeping your entire family – especially your children – in mind. Oil is so much more than just fat; the right oil can be a vehicle for a host of health benefits. So choose wisely.

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