Uncover the Essential Facts About 100% Refined Oil – Is it Really the Right Choice?

Almost all diets primarily focus on the consumption of fats, whether it is about cutting back or adding them more to the diet. No matter how much we vilify or glorify them, it’s a proven fact that fats are essential to our body. It needs fats to carry out biological functions. Without them, our body suffers from hormonal imbalance, fatigue and loss of fat-soluble vitamins. It is necessary to consume fats but in moderation.

Refined oils and virgin oils are excellent sources of fats. Both type of oils are extracted by different extraction process. Virgin oils are extracted by pressings raw seeds and nuts. This simple process produces pure oils of high quaily. But these oils are expensive, less stable, bear peculiar aroma and residue. Virgin oils have a short shelf life and need to be used up pretty quickly before they turn rancid.

Refined oils, on the other hand, are derived from extensively processing the seeds and nuts to create more stable, standardised products with longer shelf life. Refined oils are practical to use on a daily basis because they are easy to preserve, do not go rancid and last up to two years. They also do not contain any impurities, characteristic odour or colour. Refined oils yield around 97 per cent of oil from the raw material with a meagre 3 per cent of loss during the manufacturing process, hence these oils are quite affordable.

Kriti refined oil is a trusted, FSSAI approved brand which has been leading the edible oil industry with its high-quality products for the past 25 years. Kriti refined sunflower and soybean oils are full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are known to be the healthiest kind of fats you can consume. These oils possess an excellent mix of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Kriti oils possess some unique qualities that not just make the food yummy but also healthy. These oils mix well with vegetables. They do not form an oily layer on the vegetables. Kriti refined oils are pristine, pure, long-lasting and leave no residue at the bottom, even in the bulk size 15 litres cans. When it comes to high-quality refined oils like Kriti, less is more. These oils are easy on the gut to digest and absorb essential vitamins. Kriti refined sunflower and soyabean oil possess low-absorption quality, which means it gets less absorbed by the food. Now you can prepare more food in less oil that will not just make your recipes nutritious but will also keep both your heart and pocket, happy!

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