Stay Fit in this Winter Season with Kriti Refined Oil

Ah ! one can already feel the nip in the morning air. The cold , crisp air, the feel of a slight shiver , the sudden drop in temperature and the increased metabolic rate leading to a better appetite , all signals the onset of a delicious winter, just round the corner.

That brings us to the billion dollar question. Which cooking oil shall suit our palate and offer the best option to beat the winter blues? Research has proven that the choice of the right cooking oil in this weather does not only enhance the taste of your favourite foods up by several notches but also make a difference in the texture and nutrition factor. Find out more:

  1. Nutritional Content: It shall not only augment our body with an extra burst of energy but also absorb fat-soluble vitamins (E and K). Nutritionists and Healthcare Practitioners across the globe advocate that while cooking healthy and nutritious food should be one of the main focus of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the choice of the right cooking oil certainly tops the list.
  2. Retain its fluidity: Refined Oils such as Refined Sunflower Oil and Refined Soybean Oil contain mainly unsaturated fatty acids which allows the oil to remain in liquid form even at cold temperature, while palm oil or for that matter, most animal fat-based oil and even coconut oil contains a major fraction of saturated fatty acids which causes them to solidify during this season.
  3. Health Benefit: Winter leads to a relatively more sedentary lifestyle. There is something about the winter air that makes us seek comfort in the warmth of our beds and press the snooze button a little longer, not to mention that it is the season of holidays and social gatherings. Refined Oil is low in saturated fats helps prevent cholesterol and heart-related diseases which are at their peak in this season.
  4. High Smoke Point: Winter is the season of indulging in a variety of parathas and fried items. As such, the lookout must be on picking up an oil with a high smoking point that can withstand high heat. Refined Oil has a high smoking point which allows it to retain its nutritional value even when exposed to consistent high temperature during deep frying.
  5. Versatility: With Indian kitchens going global, Refined Oil blends in with a wide range of cuisines on account of its neutral taste and flavor. Refined Soybean Oil Manufacturers in India and Refined Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in India reckon that the foremost factor for which they are one of the most in-demand oils in Indian kitchens is on account of their adaptability to a range of cuisines, both traditional and international.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of this season by indulging in a range of cuisine in this season and let your taste buds go on a roll without worrying a tiny bit about the health quotient. After all, your Cooking Oil is relentlessly at work, taking care of it.

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