Refined Oils – Is it As Healthy As Some People Think?

Are Refined oils Healthy?

The latest fads and their promoters have always insisted that a healthy diet means a fat-free diet with a lot of protein and vitamin intake. They emphasize that unprocessed oils or organic eating habits are good for health due to the natural process and the natural properties it retains. Refined oils have been put on a back foot with these ideas. We are not arguing about the benefits of unprocessed oil but there are a lot many advantages in refined oils that only a REFINED OIL can give. People are least bothered with the pro and con of oil, processed or unprocessed – any edible oil is OK.

Soybean and Sunflower oils a staple in Indian Kitchen for ages. Tasty delicious dishes churned out by frying and tempering recipes in these oils by our mothers have been etched in our taste palette forever. Refined cooking oils have been in Indian Market for years now and have been a mainstay in Indian cooking styles from beaches down south to the Himalayas in the North. The heart-friendly benefits of Soybean and Sunflower oils have been very evidently glorified by our ancestors too.

Let us look into some important facts about Refined oils which tilt the scales in favor of the processed oils.

The healthy properties of Refined oil:

Even though there is a lot of say about trans fatty acid being there in refined oils, the point to be looked upon is that there is a very healthy balance being maintained in refined oils in the fats and fatty acids being present in the oil. Refined oils from Kriti, leading soybean and sunflower oil manufacturers in India, has always kept their oil in a perfect balance with fatty acid and other vitamins like vitamin E and Vitamin D. They have always kept their oils up-to-date with all recent researches so that their oils are in unison with the healthiest trends of the Market.

A daily cooking oil needs to have a healthy mixture of fatty acids and minimal trans-fatty acids. Kriti Oils, the leader in refined oils in India, manufactures their soybean and sunflower oils with a high composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids known to lower the risk of heart-related diseases. A ‘less is more’ processing method of Kriti oil has been incorporated into their manufacture of soybean oil which has proved to give the same taste and cooking experience with less oil.

Refined oils ensuring Purity and Safety:

The first and the foremost advantage of Refined oils is that the refining process gets rid of all the impurities accumulated during extraction and also those present in the seed inherently. Removal of Aflatoxins is another major important process the refined oils go through, which is vital for healthy cooking oils. These oils also go through a process of removing solvent residues which make the cooking oil safer, longer shelf life and more palatable.

Addition of vital nutrients in Refined Oils:

The addition of nutrients, vitamins and other essential ingredients to keep the oil in tune with healthy cooking practices is another additional advantage of the Refined oil. The addition of Vitamins like A, E & K along with vital nutrients like Omega 3&6 has enhanced the healthy properties of Kriti Refined Oil.

We are not arguing which oil is best – processed or unprocessed, but surely Refined oils seem to have a very decisive advantage over other oils with their inherent purification methods, the addition of vital nutrients and vitamins along with heart-friendly properties. So the question we asked, in the beginning, is clearer with an affirmative answer to the use of Refined Cooking Oil as a healthy medium.

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