Let’s Make Our Skin and Hair Shine with Refined Oil

This winter, let me tell you a secret? Did you know that the recipe for a smooth, well-moisturized, plump looking skin and luscious locks can be found right within your reach, on your kitchen shelf?

The humble bottle of Refined Oil that adds flavor and taste to your food can also do wonders for your skin and hair.

So, now no more splurging exorbitantly on the so-called exotic almond, castor, and argan oil for your beauty regime. Research has proven that the ordinary Refined Sunflower Oil or Soybean Refined Oil maybe just that extra dash of nourishment that your skin and hair needs.

How Refined Oil works magic for your Skin

Refined Oil is light in texture, so it does not form a thick coating on your skin or hair, allowing it to penetrate deep without clogging your pores. In addition to some of its amazing properties, Refined Oil contains a good proportion of antioxidants, which helps prevent free radicals from degenerating the skin and hair cells, thus maintaining their youth and vitality longer.

Moreover, Refined Soybean Oil Manufacturers in India and Refined Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in India assert that the natural emollients and other essential nutrients like Vitamin E, HDL, and proteins present in their oils can not only make your skin and hair softer but more well-nourished too.

  1. Keep Dryness At Bay: With the change in season, skin and hair become parched and dry and crave some extra nourishment. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which holds on to moisture longer, Refined Oil lets you enjoy the benefit of a spa feel in the comfort of your home, at no additional expense.

Rub them directly on your skin, add them to your usual face packs or sprinkle a couple of drops in rosewater or aloe vera for a refreshing spray.

  • Itchy Hair: Dryness gives rise to itching and irritated scalp. Refined Oils contain Omega 9 Acid, which not only prevents hair from getting brittle and dry but also prevents hair breakage and helps tackle skin and scalp infections.
  • For Extra Shine: We are all guilty of envying those who wake up to gorgeous skin and hair whose shine tell their own story. If you too wish to flaunt the natural glow and shiny locks proudly, Refined Oils with oleic acid should be a part of your gloss and glam routine.
  • An antidote to Dandruff: The white, powdery sprinkling of dreaded dandruff that is a cause for much embarrassment can now be tackled with just a teaspoonful of Refined Oil in your regular conditioner. Indulge in a steam treatment, post applying that concoction, and you are sure to end up with hair that is not only soft but dandruff-free too. For an enhanced spa treatment feel, you can also add Refined Oils to your egg mask for a deep conditioning and moisturizing hair treatment.

Your Last-Minute Hair Fix : Who amongst us has not been troubled by that flyaway hair and fizz,  just as we are ready to step out? Dip your fingers in few drops of Refined Oil and wave the magic on your hair for the sleekest, salon professional look that stays put throughout the day.

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