Less Oil = Great Health. A look At How You Can Reduce Oil Consumption In Your Kitchen

Decades of medical research have left no doubt that when it comes to oil and fat in our diet– less is best. But saying we should use less oil is far easier than actually implementing it, especially in India, where so many of our cultural and cooking habits involve oil or ghee as an essential base ingredient.

Here are some ways in which you can moderate your oil usage while cooking

Change your cookware

Invest in high-quality cookware because the value far outweighs the cost in the long run. Using non-stick or cast iron pots or pans will automatically reduce the amount of oil required to cook food evenly.

Change your cooking techniques

A sure-shot way of reducing the oil percentage of your food is to change how you function in the kitchen. Bake more, steam more, and have more patience. Baking and steaming are two excellent ways to cook without oil. Another way to cut oil is to sauté or stir fry with water instead of oil! Yes, that’s actually a possibility – swap some of the oil for water, and your veggies will still come out looking and tasting great.  If you are willing to spend a little more time on cooking,then lowering the flame while using less oil is also a great oil-reducing tactic.

Choose the right type of oil

And finally, rethink the oil you are using. Is it the right type for high heat cooking? Does it have added nutrients? How is it produced, and what type of oil is it? Is it heart healthy?

For Indian cooking, it makes sense to use refined oil as they have a high smoke point making them ideal for high heat and deep-fry cooking. They are also free of contaminants, which can be a real cause for concern in India, where monitoring of agricultural practices is minimal. For example, Kriti refined soybean oil is an excellent option for cooking as the product is locally sourced and is full of nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, E, and Omega 3. In fact, Kriti’s soybean refined oil is made with a proprietary technology, which makes it expand when heated, thus ensuring that less oil is used as compared to other branded soybean oils. This property is called Lescon and guarantees that the same amount of food is cooked in less oil.

The Bottom Line

Fats or oils are not bad for you, but moderation is essential. Along with keeping an eye on the amount of oil you consume in your food, you need to consciously make healthier choices – whether it involves putting down a packet of chips or opting for a healthier type of cooking oil.

Kriti’s is one of the leading soyabean oil manufacturers in India and is based in Central India, which is the hub for soyabean production in the country. With access to high-quality soyabean and export-quality manufacturing capabilities, Kriti’s refined soybean oil is one of the best in the country.  Do try out our soybean refined oil for a while; we are sure you will feel the lightness!

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