Is Sun Flower Refined Oil Good For Your Health?

Millions of householders across India have asked this question at one time or another! And they should! With rising urban lifestyle-related illnesses, conversations around food and the quality of raw materials have taken centre stage in most kitchens. After all, we are what we eat. One crucial facet of controlling our diets is to understand the pros and cons that come with each ingredient. In this article, we will talk about Sunflower refined cooking oil as a base for Indian cooking.

It is heart-healthy

First and foremost, sunflower oil is great for your heart. Full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, the composition of sunflower oil is excellent for people who are more at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Phytosterols, a naturally occurring plant sterol, is found in sunflowers and prevents cholesterol absorption in the body. So, If you have family members suffering from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems, then switch to sunflower refined oil without a second thought.

It has a high smoke point

So much of Indian cooking involves tempering, frying or sauteeing that it is vital to have an oil that remains stable at high temperatures. Sunflower refined oil has a high smoke point which ensures that the oil doesn’t burn and become toxic at when heated quickly and at high heat.


Along with the right type of good fats, Sunflower oil is also full of nutrients such as Vitamin E and omega-6, which positively impact a whole range of health conditions such as the digestive system, hair, nails and skin.

Light on the stomach

Sunflower oil is well known as a light oil which is easy to absorb by the body. It is composed of minimal saturated fats which ensures that glycogen is discharged easily and evenly into the body – giving you an extra dose of energy during the day. If you are using a traditional saturated oil such as Ghee or Coconut or Sesame oil, then switching to sunflower refined oil will change your life in just a week.

Increases overall body immunity levels

Rich in antioxidants, refined sunflower oil ensures that the body remains healthy from the inside. Better immunity through stronger cell membrane barriers makes it harder for bacteria and viruses to evade your system. You will observe fewer infections taking root in your home with sunflower oil in your kitchen. However, to get all the benefits mentioned above, you must buy and use only the best quality cooking oil from a reputable sunflower oil manufacturer in India. Kriti refined oil is one of the most trusted names in the business. We at Kriti use the most stringent and globally accepted refining process to bring premium quality sunflower oil to the Indian market. Do ask for Kriti’s refined sunflower oil on your next trip to the market!

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