How Good Are Refined Oils For Your Health

Refined oils are constantly taking the flak for being unhealthy.

This reputation is a result of ambiguous information and deceptive advertisements. Health-conscious people have many questions running through their minds — is it harmful to consume refined oil, or is it safe and If it is safe which oil is the best for health? Keep reading, and you will find answers to all your queries. By the end of this article, you will be able to make the right decision whether or not it is okay for you to use refined oils.

Good Fats – Refined oils are simply fats, but all fats are not created alike. Broadly speaking refined oils can be divided into two types — ones with good kind of fats and others with the bad kind. The refined oils that are good for the health are full of good fats, aka monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These are essential fats that help to execute vital functions in the body like forming cell membrane, supporting muscular movements, absorbing nutrients, producing critical hormones and keeping the body warm. Oils like refined sunflower oil, soyabean refined oil and olive oil are excellent for the body. However, it is important to remember that olive oil has a substantially low smoke point, and it should never be used for high temp cooking like frying because it starts burning and harmful emitting free radicals. Food should only be prepared in oils like Kriti refined sunflower oil and soyabean refined oil that can endure high temperatures without losing their nutrients. Due to their high smoke points, they do not burn or produce toxic free radicals.

Bad Fats – The worst kind of fats that you can consume are trans fats which are found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils like palm oil and corn oil. Oil companies produce PHOs to give them a longer shelf life and make them look like clarified butter (ghee). Cooking foods in oils full of trans fats increase LDL cholesterol in the body and clog the arteries, increasing the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. Natural fats like butter and ghee are full of saturated fats that are not always practical and affordable to use for everyday cooking.

Less is More – When it comes to fats, it is necessary to remember that less is more. No matter how good fat is for the body, it must be taken in moderation. An adult body should only consume 4-5 teaspoons of fats every day and children should have no more than 5-6 teaspoons daily. But we never measure oil when cooking in Indian households. So, to resolve this issue, we must prepare food in a less-fat soluble oil like Kriti refined sunflower oil and soyabean oil that mix well with vegetables. It takes a small amount of these oils to cook the food perfectly, which automatically controls the amount of fat intake of your entire family. Kriti is a prominent sunflower oil manufacturer in s that is trusted by the nutrition experts all over the country. Kriti oils are derived from top-grade seeds which is why these oils are residue-free, pure, pristine and consistent. If there is one soyabean oil manufacturer in India to produce ethically obtained heart-healthy oil, Kriti it is. Now that you know using heart-healthy refined oil is perfectly safe, go ahead and make yummy dishes to your heart’s content.

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