Healthy Eating Tips For The Upcoming Festival

The festive season is coming closer and so is the mountain of mithai and numerous family lunches and dinners. With so much fun, food and family squeezed into a few weeks, good intentions and diets are bound to go out of the window. So how do you make sure that the upcoming festivities don’t show on your waistline? Here are some time-tested tips –

  • Keep it simple and light

With so many lavish party meals and unavoidable indulgence in sweets, one way to ensure a balance is to make sure what you have at home is simpler and light on the stomach. On the days of planned indulgences, do try to keep other meals at home small and low on fat. You can do by cooking with as little oil as possible. To do this, you can either incorporate different cooking methods such as steaming or baking or use Soyabean refined oil from Kriti which is a less fat-soluble oil, which means that overall you need much less oil to cook the food.

  • Cook your food in healthy cooking oils

The oil you use in your cooking directly impacts many bodily functions. Using a heavier oil can affect your digestion, cardiovascular activities and in the long run, also impact your overall immunity and health. Using a lighter and more nutrient-dense oil (such as refined sunflower oil or refined soyabean oil) not only reduces the risk of fat-related or cholesterol-related ailments but it also brings positive and long-term health benefits.

Both – soyabean and sunflower cooking oils – are proven to be heart healthy. Their composition actively works to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Apart from this very well-known benefit, both these oils are excellent for other body functions too – soyabean oil is packed with omega 3 fatty acid which is great for brain activity, and refined sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E which is excellent for hair, skin and nails and also offers antioxidant properties beneficial for reducing the risk of cancer.

  • Resist the temptation

And finally, just say NO. We all know when we are overeating and indulging ourselves, and while it is easy to go-with-the-flow during festivals, we would recommend you consciously try to watch, track and limit your food intake. In every lavish spread there are always less fattening dishes; make sure these make up more of your meal. We are not asking you to sacrifice the yummy stuff, but instead advising moderation.

We hope you have a great Dussehra and a crackling Diwali ahead. Have fun and stay healthy.

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