Get healthy with ‘less is more’ Refined oil

Cooking oils a mainstay in your kitchen is always on the top of your grocery shopping list. Any Indian culinary tastes bland without the ‘special tadka’ in oil giving that final touch of aroma and taste. Oils are the basis for a variety of culinary in an Indian kitchen for adding flavor and taste to your favorite recipes. All said and done, too much of everything is poison, even too much oil in our daily diet can cause us a lot of trouble. Not keeping an eye on our daily intake of oil can put us at the risk of several health problems along with unhealthy weight gain. Animal, Vegetable, nut or seed – every oil has a high-fat content. We must use minimal oil and healthier options of oil like olive or groundnut. Saturated fats should be swapped with unsaturated fats to lower our risks of acquiring high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and other related diseases. Good fats in moderation are the mantra for a healthy life.

One such oil that has proven to be healthy and economic with its less is more characteristics is Kriti Oils. Their Soya and Sunflower oils have given the Indian family a very healthy and safe cooking medium. The oils have been manufactured in such a way that even a very little amount of oil will give your dish a great taste.

Making healthy food choices does not mean eliminating your favorite dishes from your diet. It just means you need to make the recipe healthier by some very handy tips jotted down below. Reducing oil can be one such option for preparing a healthy meal without compromising on the taste.

Tip 1. Baking and grilling your food instead of frying would be the best option. It is always not possible to bake or grill items that are meant to be fried so the tip would be to saute them rather than deep fry them if possible. Kriti refined oils are best suited for such a tip as they can give you great taste with minimal use of oil. They believe at Kriti refined oil that ‘less is always more’. Less oil more taste. This technique also helps in retaining the nutrients of the food.

Tip 2. Measure your oil being used and stick to a fixed and appropriate amount of cooking oil for your meals. This will help you track your oil intake.

Tip 3. Healthy oils containing low saturated fats and a lot of essential fatty acids should be used like Kriti refined oils. You should also take a combination of healthy oils so that you cover your need for essential nutrients.

Tip 4. Clever kitchen habits like using nonstick cookware can automatically reduce your oil consumption. Kriti refined oils help you retain all the taste of your recipe even when using a minimal quantity of oil. Kriti refined oil ensures maximum taste even with less oil usage.

Oil is not the main culprit in fat-related health issues but the type of oil surely is. Oils with less saturated fats, more fatty acids, infused with vitamin E and D and containing Omega 3&6 are considered to be healthy and safe oils. Even when using healthy oils the quantity should be controlled and restrained. Kriti refined oil is the best cooking oil in terms of health and economics. ‘Less is more’ is not just a health slogan but it stands true economically too when it comes to Kriti refined oil – the best cooking oil.

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