Discover Balance In Your Health With Less Of Consumption of Refined Oil

Let’s be real; oils have a bad rap. But still, they are an inevitable part of our diet. All types of cuisines require one kind of fat or other to cook the raw ingredients. When eaten in moderation, oils can add good nutritional value and impart health benefits to our bodies. But they can also topple our health if we consume foods cooked in unhealthy oils, chock full of bad fats. Let’s learn about the daily dosage of oils recommended by nutrition experts and the ways to keep the oil consumption in check.

The Daily Dose – According to the experts, the daily recommended amount of oil is 4-5 teaspoons for adults and 5-6 teaspoons of oil for kids. Children are naturally more active in their growth phase, so their bodies need more fats than the adults. Patients with heart conditions and diabetes should lower their oil intake and should stick to 2-3 teaspoon of oil per day. Nutritionists all around the world agree upon two things. First, the oils should never be cut-off entirely from anyone’s diet because they contain elements that are essential to carry out body functions. Second, people should never over-do fats. There is a fine line in between, and everyone should try to attain that.

Adapt the methods that require less oil for cooking – It is easy to practice using less oil in the food preparations once you alter the way of cooking. Instead of frying the fingers food, shallow fry them in the skillets. Instead of pouring oil straight from the container, use a measuring spoon. Experiment with the dishes. Roast, bake, grill and you will end up liking the way the food tastes with less oil. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch fried food altogether. It is okay to occasionally enjoy the goodies fried in the right kind of fats, like Kriti refined sunflower oil and Kriti soyabean refined oil. These oils have high smoke points and do not emit free radicles when heated at high temperature. They also do not burn or emit harmful free radicals.

Tickle Your Tastebuds – Unlike popular belief, using less oil doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eat bland and tasteless food. Techniques like roasting and grilling brings out the unique flavour of the vegetables and meats. You can make your meals colourful and exciting by choosing ingredients full of bright colours. Adding lemon juice and spices to your food can add to the flavour without adding any extra calories.

Switch to the diet-friendly pans – Use cookware that requires less oil for cooking food. Steer clear of nonstick pans with toxic coatings. Switch to your granny’s loyal cast iron skillets that naturally impart iron in your meals. Old, well used cast iron pans practically turn nonstick on their own. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Less is more – When it comes to low fat-soluble oils like Kriti refined sunflower oil and Kriti refined soyabean oil, less is more. It takes a small amount of these oils to cook even the large quantity of food without forming an oily layer over the food. This quality minimises the amount of fat intake in your diet automatically without any efforts. Kriti oils are residue-free and consistent quality wise. Kriti is one of the best refined sunflower oil and refined soyabean oil manufacturer in India to produce pure and pristine, refined oils. Now you can use soybean oil for cooking, eat to your heart’s content and enjoy finger-licking goodies without punishing your heart and gut.

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