Boost your immunity with high quality sunflower refined oil.

Most of the vegetable oils or plant-based oils are cholesterol-free, contain low amounts of saturated fats and high amounts of polyunsaturated fats. Sunflower oil is always a healthy choice as it is loaded with Vitamin E and Omega 6 fats. A very important thing that most people fail to realize is that while poly saturated fats are good for health, too much of them may not be. According to the National Institute of Nutrition, not more than 20% of a person’s daily calories should come from oils and fats both visible and invisible. An average adult would need about 5 tablespoons of oil in one day.

A general rule when it comes to using oil is that if the oil starts smoking, it’s considered unfit for consumption. Kriti Refined Sunflower oil is a much healthier choice because of its high smoke point, which means that the consumers can heat the oil to the required temperature without worrying about the oil becoming unfit for consumption. Other than this, there are other benefits of sunflower oil that you may not have known of. Some of these incredible benefits of sunflower oil are listed below.

1. Promotes a Healthy Heart: Sunflower oil contains is good for your heart as it contains more than 80% of monounsaturated fats. This creates a balance in the body because of the generous amount of fatty acid content in sunflower oil. It also does not contain any saturated fats, this helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in the body.
2. Good for your skin: Vitamin A and E are found in abundance in the case of sunflower oil, this helps in promoting skin health as these vitamins act as antioxidants. They help in getting rid of acne-causing bacteria and regenerating damaged skin cells. Sunflower oil gets absorbed easily in the skin without blocking the pores as it is light and non-greasy. It is also used for treating dry sensitive skin as it acts as a natural moisturizer.
3. Energizes the body: Unlike saturated fats that make you feel lethargic, unsaturated fats energize the body by helping the discharge of glycogen into the bloodstream from the liver. Glycogen is a type of sugar that provides an extra boost of quick energy.

4. Helps in maintaining beautiful hair: Sunflower oil adds a beautiful shine to dry and frizzy hair and also softens them. It acts as a conditioner as it has a very light texture. For soft and silky hair it can be massaged on the scalp once a week.

5. Strengthens the immune system: Sunflower oil strengthens the cell membrane barriers which make it harder for bacteria and viruses to enter the body and also is known to be very rich in anti-oxidants. It stimulates the immune system and increases the body’s ability to fight various diseases. Sunflower oil contains various enzymes required for the healthy functioning of the body and also contains protein that helps in building and repairing tissues.

Kriti Refined Sunflower oil is the best quality sunflower cooking oil present in the market, it provides the consumers with all the nutrients present in the ideal cooking oil. With its high smoking point, the overall cooking experience with the oil increases as the consumer does not have to worry about overheating the oil making it unfit for consumption.

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