All You Need To Know About Refined Oils Available In The Market Currently

Refined cooking oils – especially soybean or sunflower oils – have been a staple in most Indian kitchens for generations. After all, who doesn’t remember our mother or grandmothers frying pooris and tempering vegetables while extolling the heart-healthy benefits of sunflower/soybean oils?

However, the latest uptick of interest in traditional or organic eating has come at the expense of refined cooking oils. And while un-processed oils might have their own pros and cons, we are here to remind you of some of the established and proven advantages that only refined oils can offer.

  • Purity and Safety

The biggest and the most evident advantage of refined oils is that the refining process removes all the impurities present in the seed and those accumulated during the extraction process.

This is especially critical in oils where aflatoxins can affect the crop. Aflatoxins are highly toxic and are found in soil, decaying vegetation, hay, or grains. These can affect items such as cottonseed, peanuts,  sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and more. The refining process is absolutely vital to ensure that cooking oil does not contain aflatoxins.

Also, oils such as sunflower or soybean oils are produced by the solvent extraction process, and a refining process is needed to remove any solvent residues. These impurities can adversely affect the safety, flavour, odour and appearance of oil, and taking them out during the refining process makes the oil more palatable, safer and gives it longer shelf life.

  • Added nutrients

Most refined oils – especially Soybean and sunflower oil – have added benefits. While the extraction and refining process leaves the natural nutrients intact, many brands go a step further and fortify their products with additional nutrients to make the oil even healthier. For example, Kriti Refined Oil ensures that its sunflower oil has the full complement of Vitamin A, E & K.

  • Healthy properties

Refined oils are also great at helping people regulate good fat Vs. bad fat in their diets. There is no doubt that trans fats (such as partially hydrogenated vegetable oils like palm oil and corn oil) are a big No-No. But what most people don’t understand is that other types of fatty acids must be balanced as well.

The best choice for daily cooking are oils that have a good mixture of fatty acids and minimal levels of trans fatty acids. For example, Kriti, one of the leading refined soybean oil manufacturers in India, produces refined soybean oil that is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids that are known to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Kriti also uses a specific processing method which ensures that their soybean oil provides the same taste and cooking experience with less oil.

All in all,

Refined edible oils are as nutritious as our mothers and grandmothers claimed. Just make sure you pick the right types of oil and from the right brand to get the added benefits of the right extraction technology! To know more about how we produce refined oils in Kriti, do get in touch!

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