5 Quick Facts About Less Usage Refined Oil

To use refined oil or to keep it at bay, to gobble up the blob of butter or to ditch it all, our minds are at the constant struggle of yes and no when it comes to our diets. Over-consumption of oil is a definitely a big-time no but sparing it all together can affect us adversely than doing us any good. It may sound strange to our conditioned minds that our bodies need fats from food every day. Fats are the primary source of energy for our bodies and are essential for carrying out vital functions like building up cell membranes, absorbing the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. They also help in muscle movement and support cell growth. So even though fats have bad a rapport, they genuinely work for our good, and this is precisely why it is crucial to include oils in our diets.

Here are some fun ways to use less oil and still reap the benefits of healthy fats.

  1. Learn the basics: Experts nutritionists advise adults to stick with four teaspoons of fat every day while including five teaspoons of fats in the diets of children every day. Patients with heart diseases should use less amount of oil and stick with three teaspoons. Now that you know how much oil is needed for you, you can be mindful of your fat intake.
  2. Swap to healthier cooking oil: Use a lighter option like Kriti refined sunflower oil to cook your food. Sunflower oil full of good fats like monounsaturated fats which is great for the heart. It contains a high amount of Vitamin E, which boosts immunity, improves hair, skin and nails. It also absorbs less into the food, which means less oil gets in your system when you cook in refined sunflower oil.
  3. Explore new cooking techniques: It is no brainer that fried food brings more calories in your diet. But if you learn new cooking techniques like sauteing, roasting, and grilling, this amount can cut by almost half. You will be delighted by the natural flavours and crunchy textures of vegetables and meats these techniques bring out.
  4. Experiment with the new flavours: A less-oil diet doesn’t necessarily mean a boring flavourless-one. Spice up a little bit and season your dishes with zesty peppers and tangy lemons. Add a dash of black pepper or garnish with minty herbs. Experiment with different herbs and spices to discover unique tastes for your palate. We promise that you won’t be disappointed. 
  5. Invest in health-friendly cooking tools: If you think the nonstick pots and pans are helping you lose weight, you are misguided, dear friend! When these pans heat up, they emit harmful radicals that seep into your food. So, throw away these toxic PFOA pots and get your grandma’s cast-iron pans out. Just oil the old pots with healthy refined oil and start your journey towards a long healthy life.
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