Cooking Oil Comes Under the Radar

In what is being hailed as a major breakthrough in the Food and Drug Industry, the Madhya Pradesh State Cabinet, chaired by honorable Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has finally extended its approval to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act last Tuesday, on 21st December, 2020, thus extending the punitive measure from the earlier three years […]

Let’s Make Our Skin and Hair Shine with Refined Oil

This winter, let me tell you a secret? Did you know that the recipe for a smooth, well-moisturized, plump looking skin and luscious locks can be found right within your reach, on your kitchen shelf? The humble bottle of Refined Oil that adds flavor and taste to your food can also do wonders for your […]

How can Refined Sunflower Oil be Cholesterol Free?

No Indian kitchen is ever complete without a liberal dash of the golden elixir called Refined Oil in its cooking. However, not all oils are suitable for the heart, and selecting the right oil can save one from heart blockages, elevated cholesterol levels, obesity, and gastro-intestinal disorders. “Sunflower Oil”, extracted from nature’s best by pressing […]

Ancient Use of Soybean Oil

This ‘power booster oil’ with magical properties was first developed in China. However, history reflects that soybeans were not primarily cultivated in China for large-scale use as cooking oil. That came much later, to be more precise, around the beginning of the 20th century when World War I came knocking on our doors and the […]

Stay Fit in this Winter Season with Kriti Refined Oil

Ah ! one can already feel the nip in the morning air. The cold , crisp air, the feel of a slight shiver , the sudden drop in temperature and the increased metabolic rate leading to a better appetite , all signals the onset of a delicious winter, just round the corner. That brings us […]

Healthy Eating Tips For The Upcoming Festival

The festive season is coming closer and so is the mountain of mithai and numerous family lunches and dinners. With so much fun, food and family squeezed into a few weeks, good intentions and diets are bound to go out of the window. So how do you make sure that the upcoming festivities don’t show […]

Why Sunflower Oil is Great For Kids?

Whenever we talk about cooking oil or similar fats for our diet, we usually concentrate on the older members of the family. It is assumed that the cooking oil choice is critical for the health of seniors only; the juniors can eat as much oil and any type of fat they like – because they […]

5 Habits To Keep Your Heart Healthy

One of the leading causes of mortality in India is Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs); In 2016, it was estimated that 54.5 million suffered from CVDs, which resulted in 1 in 4 deaths in India. To ensure you and your loved ones escape these terrible statistics, you need to keep your heart as healthy as possible. This […]

All You Need To Know About Refined Oils Available In The Market Currently

Refined cooking oils – especially soybean or sunflower oils – have been a staple in most Indian kitchens for generations. After all, who doesn’t remember our mother or grandmothers frying pooris and tempering vegetables while extolling the heart-healthy benefits of sunflower/soybean oils? However, the latest uptick of interest in traditional or organic eating has come […]

Is Sun Flower Refined Oil Good For Your Health?

Millions of householders across India have asked this question at one time or another! And they should! With rising urban lifestyle-related illnesses, conversations around food and the quality of raw materials have taken centre stage in most kitchens. After all, we are what we eat. One crucial facet of controlling our diets is to understand […]

Discover The Health Benefits Sunflower Refined Oil Can Bring To Your Life

It is hard to find an Indian household that hasn’t used Sunflower oil for cooking at some point. In fact, refined sunflower oil has adorned the Indian market and kitchen shelves for generations. But how many of us know the actual benefits of cooking with sunflower oil? No, we are not just talking about the […]

The Unspoken Truth About Soyabean Refined Oil

If you are looking for healthy cooking oil for your family, then look no further! Research shows that Soybean oil for cooking has numerous health benefits – the foremost being reduced cholesterol levels! Extracted from the Soybean seeds, Soybean oil if one of the most widely used cooking oils in the world. Its popularity is […]

The Best Cooking Oils for Your Health

Do you know what exactly you should look for when you go out to buy a nourishing, heart-healthy cooking oil? If the answer is no, keep reading. It is no brainer that a healthy lifestyle begins at home, and the kitchen is a prominent part of it. The wellbeing of a household depends upon the […]

How Can Soyabean Refined Oils Benefit You

Soyabean refined oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils available in the Indian markets. It is squeezed out of soyabean seeds that are harvested from the bright green soybean pods. These seeds are processed to extract a golden yellow oil that is pure, pristine, subtly aromatic and neutral in flavour. Soyabean oil imparts numerous […]

Discover Balance In Your Health With Less Of Consumption of Refined Oil

Let’s be real; oils have a bad rap. But still, they are an inevitable part of our diet. All types of cuisines require one kind of fat or other to cook the raw ingredients. When eaten in moderation, oils can add good nutritional value and impart health benefits to our bodies. But they can also […]

5 Reasons Why Sunflower Oil Is Most Popular Ingredients

Sunflower refined oil is the edible oil extracted from sunflower seeds. It is one of the most preferred cooking oils in the world, which is for a reason. It possesses unique qualities like no other oil out there. Let’s learn about notable sunflower oil facts and the amazing benefits it brings to your table. High […]

How Good Are Refined Oils For Your Health

Refined oils are constantly taking the flak for being unhealthy. This reputation is a result of ambiguous information and deceptive advertisements. Health-conscious people have many questions running through their minds — is it harmful to consume refined oil, or is it safe and If it is safe which oil is the best for health? Keep […]

Soyabean Refined Oil – Everything You Need to Know About This ‘Liquid Gold’

Soyabean oil is one of the most underrated oils. There has been meticulous scrutiny and long debates about whether it is beneficial to consume soyabean oil or not. Conflicting studies and misinformation has left people more confused about this versatile oil than ever. So, let’s debunk the myths and solve this riddle for once and […]

Uncover the Essential Facts About 100% Refined Oil – Is it Really the Right Choice?

Almost all diets primarily focus on the consumption of fats, whether it is about cutting back or adding them more to the diet. No matter how much we vilify or glorify them, it’s a proven fact that fats are essential to our body. It needs fats to carry out biological functions. Without them, our body […]

What Are the Benefits of Consuming Sunflower Refined Oil?

As our society has evolved to be more health-conscious than ever, cooking food has become a diet-centric task than merely a means of filling the tummies. The nutritional value of a meal is as important as its taste. Naturally, the culinary ingredients like oil have been subjected to scrutiny. So, let’s know about the benefits […]

A Low Saturated Acid Oil: Here is the Reason Why It’s So Useful

We keep on hearing buzzwords like unsaturated acids, trans fats, saturated fats, unsaturated oils, every now and then. But do we understand what these terms even mean? We all consume fats every day, in the form of cooking oils, butter, and ghee. It is essential to know the effects these fats have on our bodies […]

5 Quick Facts About Less Usage Refined Oil

To use refined oil or to keep it at bay, to gobble up the blob of butter or to ditch it all, our minds are at the constant struggle of yes and no when it comes to our diets. Over-consumption of oil is a definitely a big-time no but sparing it all together can affect […]

How To Choose The Best Cooking Oil

Edible oils are used for cooking sweet and savoury dishes all over the world. But when it comes to choosing a healthy cooking oil option, it is easy to get flustered with the variants available in the market. The unreliable sources that clutter the internet with false information don’t do any favours either. So here […]

What are the advantages of using Sun Flower Oil in daily diet

Yellow, big, and beautiful sunflowers don’t only pose a delightful sight for your eyes but also store delicious treats for your palette. While everybody loves to munch on crunchy sunflower seeds, very few of them know about the factual health benefits of the oil derived from this versatile plant. What is sunflower oil: Sunflower oil […]

How To Choose An Edible Oil that Gives you All the Benefits with Less Oil

The popular media, the doctors, the health advisories, and of course, social media – everyone is always telling us to REDUCE oil consumption! But no matter how much one tries, there will be a certain amount of oil used in all types of cooking – cutting out oil too much would undoubtedly compromise on taste […]

Why You Should Make Soya Bean Refined Oil As Part Of Your Daily Life

For an Indian householder, the search for the perfect oil is never-ending! Just when you settle on one brand or a type of oil, out comes more information on why it’s not good for health! The market is full of competing advertising messages, which make even the most careful buyers second-guess themselves. As a leading […]

Common Mistakes People Make While Selecting Their Edible Oil And How To Avoid Them

Oil is one of the foundational elements of our cooking process, but despite its vital role in our diets, it is a highly misunderstood component. Beset by differing opinions on its healthiness and the part it plays in cardiovascular health, cooking oils are seen a necessary evil. We would like to challenge this view. Oil […]

4 Quick Facts About Sunflower Refined Oil

Millions of households across the country use refined sunflower oil for cooking every single day! But we are sure most of the people buying and using the oil don’t know much about how it’s made and what its benefits are. Let us change that; you need to know what you are putting in your body, […]

5 Incredible Benefits of Refined Oil

Refined vegetable oil has been a cornerstone of Indian cooking for generations, and there are good reasons for its enduring popularity. Over the years, the demand has been exceptionally stable for sunflower and soybean refined oils as unlike other imported edible oils like palm, these are locally sourced, processed and packaged – making them more […]

Less Oil = Great Health. A look At How You Can Reduce Oil Consumption In Your Kitchen

Decades of medical research have left no doubt that when it comes to oil and fat in our diet– less is best. But saying we should use less oil is far easier than actually implementing it, especially in India, where so many of our cultural and cooking habits involve oil or ghee as an essential […]

Difference Between Refined and Unrefined Sunflower Oil

There is no cuisine or culture in the world that doesn’t rely heavily on oil in its cooking process and diet. But despite being such an essential part of our daily lives, there is a lot of misinformation about oils in general and refined oils in particular. To ensure you have the right information while […]


Oil is an essential medium of health recipes. Figuring out the enriching one, results in a great outcome.

Why RE-used Oil is Unhealthy?

Goodness comes from goodness given. We human beings are no different to this approach.


The more we brace modernity of leading a healthy life we are being bombarded


Saturated fats are the real killers. And reducing their consumption through your diet,

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