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Soyabean Products Range - Kriti Nutrients

Soya Grits

Kriti Soya Grits are manufactured using only Non GMO soyabean seeds. These seeds undergo rigorous multiple stage cleaning & grading process to remove all foreign material & small seeds. The graded and cleaned seeds are then conditioned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. The flakes then undergo highly efficient extraction later to which they are de-solventised and toasted. The process ensures optimum level of protein, maintains amino acid profile and destroy anti-nutritional factors. This finished product also undergoes a final vigorous screening through advanced graders to get the desired uniform consistency throughout the product. The product is free from all types of pesticides.

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Soya Flakes

NON GMO Defatted Toasted Soya Flakes manufactured from clean and healthy soybeans. The process encompasses Splitting, De-hulling, flaking, Extraction, De-solventisation followed by toasting to garner defatted soya flakes. Our soya flakes are highly digestible and low in fat. They also have a rich protein profile and are packed with all essential amino acids having high % of Lysine. The presence of good amount of dietary fibre also enables proper bowel movement in humans.

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Soyabean Meal

Kriti Soya Flakes is manufactured using only Non GMO soya-bean seed. Before being processed the seeds go though a rigorous multiple stage cleaning process for removal of all foreign material. The graded seeds are then conditioned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. The flakes after highly efficient extraction are de-solventised. The desired consistency is obtained though vibro graders.

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Soya Flour

Our untoasted soya flour is manufactured from Non GMO soya beans. The beans undergo multiple cleaning to remove foreign impurities. These graded seeds thereafter undergo cracking, de-hulling, flaking to roll them into flakes. These processed flakes then undergo extraction. Once extracted, de-solventisation is done post which they are grinded in a Pneumatic Mill. Our extraction and de-solventisation helps to maintain the required NSI and PDI level which guarantees their rich protein profile.

  • Nutritional Value: Used as a source of protein
  • Industries Served: Feed
  • Applications: Used as a protein source across categories like Textured Soya Protein, (T.V.P.), Soya Nuggets, Bread and Soya Granules

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Soya Lecithin

Kriti’s soya Lecithin is manufactured from soyabean crude oil obtained through physical extraction process. It comprises of a natural mixture of triglycerides, phospholipids and glycolipids, along with a little quantity of carbohydrates. It is hexane free. It is also free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Our organic soya lecithin is a good emulsifier, also used as a thickening agent and also acts as a mild preservative.

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Acid Oil & Fatty Acid

Our Oil has a clean and natural taste that helps to further retain or improve the natural flavors of the concerned products made at bakery. It has a good blend with other oils and fats and is hence a good fit for use in bakery goods. Available with OSI stability levels from 7 to 60 hours, Kriti Refined Soyabean oil works well as an emulsifying agent in comparison to other vegetable oils. Some research also suggest that Stearidonic acid soybean oil is known to improve functional and sensory attributes in bagels, breakfast bars, pastries, cookies, icings, and chocolate coatings.

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