Defatted Flakes/ Grits/ Flour Untoasted

Defatted range of products that comprise soyaflour/grits/flakes (untoasted) are manufactured using quality Indian non-GMO soybeans which undergoes multiple cleaning stages (cracking, de-hulling, flaking, extraction and de-solventization) to remove impurities. The degree of toasting and treatment is as per application need to classify as untoasted. The production in a controlled environment prevents contamination and ensures foreign body control. The product undergoes sizing / grinding / sieving as per consumer needs, subject to stringent testing and analysis before release.

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We offer an extensive range of Defatted soyaflour/grits/flakes (untoasted) customized as per customer needs.

  • Kriti Nutrients


  • Kriti Nutrients


  • Kriti Nutrients


The key attributes of this product comprise the following.

  • Rich in protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins
  • Low fat content
  • Improves nutritional facts
  • Exhibits less calcium leaching efficiency compared to animal protein
  • Provides balanced essential amino acids
  • Corrects lysine deficiency in grains
  • Source of dietary fibres(soluble and insoluble)
  • Provides oligosaccharides, raffinose, stachyose and verbiscose (non- fibre carbohydrates)
  • Contains isoflavones

Food applications

  • Kriti Nutrients Soya TVP / Chunks / Granules /Dal Analog
  • Kriti Nutrients Soya sauce
  • Baby food / dietary food Baby food / dietary food
  • Soya sauce Soya sauce
  •  Pasta / Multigrain Food / Fortified Cereals /Raw Atta / Fortified Atta / Fortified Breads Pasta / Multigrain Food / Fortified Cereals /Raw Atta / Fortified Atta / Fortified Breads
  • Bread / snacks Bread / snacks
  • Baked Food / Cookies / Sweet Foods (Dough-Nuts) Baked Food / Cookies / Sweet Foods (Dough-Nuts)
  • Pet food Pet food
  • Mid-day meal products Mid-day meal products.

Feed applications

  • Poultry feed
  • Aqua feed
  • Cattle feed

Pharmaceuticals applications

  • Fermentation / API (active pharma ingredients)

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